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Why Are We the Top Car Removal Service in Sydney?

Why Are We the Top Car Removal Service in Sydney?

Sydney is flooded with many car removal service providers due to the ever-increasing demand for car removals. The Government, however, has not given license to all of the car removal service providers. Auswide Car Removal Service provider is a well-established provider and one of the top service providers not only in Sydney but also in Australia. Before we dig into why we are one of the leading service providers, it is essential for you to know a little about our past.

Auswide car removal services were established in 2010. We started by offering car removals for junk cars, wrecked cars, burnt cars, damaged cars. We accept all sorts of makes and models of your car, SUV, jeep, truck or bike. Today, we have offices located in almost every town of Australia and have a huge workplace where we responsibly dispose of your cars and recycle it in an eco-friendly manner. Abiding by the government rules, we possess all the licenses and our drivers are well-trained and equipped to handle any sort of car towing.

So, let’s see why are we the top service provider in Australia, and what makes us stand out of the crowd. Here are the top ten reasons you need to cancel out other service providers and pick up Auswide Car Removal Service over the rest.

Auswide Car Removal Service offers instant cash up to $35,000, depending on the state of your car, the value of the spare parts and the metal. Even when the market is going down, we ensure our customers are not affected, and we pay full payment in cash instantly as we promised. Not all car removals in Sydney sticks to their promises like the way we do. Most often, providers or agents promise but then charges a hidden fee which overall becomes pricey for the customers. Auswide Car Removal Service does not believe in such hidden costs, and we are very transparent with our customers. Customers happiness is our prime goal.

Auswide Car Removal Service customer service is incredible. We believe the first step in car removals is to speak to our customer representative. If this step is taken place smoothly, then the customer kind of builds trust in us. We often come across a lot of non-Australian customers who aren’t very aware of the rules on car removal. Our customer team patiently handles each type of customers by first listening to them and then explaining our entire process. We speak bilingual and fluent English. The customer service agents are easily available and get back to you as soon as possible. Further, we give complete details and ensure the customer has no confusion left. Customers worries are our worries.

Our car towers, or drivers, are extremely talented. They are fully licensed and have a vast experience of towing all sorts of cars – damaged, burned, wrecked or even rusted. Without damaging the car further, they seamlessly tow the car from your given location like a breeze. Further, they are equipped with the latest GPS technology, so you are aware of what is happening with your car. The team is polite and understands English very well, making it easier for you to interact. In case of an accident, our team clears all the wreck and glass pieces and cleans up the entire place so that you don’t have to worry. We understand your state and care for you.

At Auswide Car Removal Service, we offer a FREE quote. This really helps a customer to understand what is the value of their car and at times also saves them from getting fooled by other agents. Remember the quote is FREE, so you can always make a comparison. We assure you won’t find our rates anywhere else because we use the latest market rates, and we have a vast network allowing us to offer such a competitive rate in Sydney. With a FREE quote, you would make more informed decisions.

Auswide Car Removal Service offers FREE car towing. This is very crucial as a lot of companies do not offer it for free, and takes a few hundred dollars for just towing your car. We do not charge even a single penny for towing your car.

At Auswide Car Removal Service, we believe the time is money, and we ensure we value your time. We are very particular and arrive before time to your given location. In a matter of one or two hours, the entire process is over, and you are given your cash instantly. Our team is very professional and does all the paperwork for you. You just have to sign up a few places to get things done quickly. We also tell you well in advance on the papers we would require from you. This way, you are aware and keep the papers ready beforehand, saving yours and our time. We believe in hassle-free and quick services. We also operate on weekends and offer emergency towing as we understand that tragedy can knock at our doors at any hour of the day. Where other car removals take weeks to get this process done, we do it in a matter of three days or less.

Auswide Car Removal Service disposes of all the car batteries and other components in nature and eco-friendly way. We give our bit to nature and ensure no one is harmed. We carry out the procedure as per the government rules. If you are a nature lover and wish to do it in the right way, connect with Auswide Car Removal Service for your car removals and leave your headache on us.

We accept a wide range of models and makes. We accept Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Audi, and many more brands and their models. If your car is very old and is discontinued, even then we would accept your car and pay you its right amount. Further, if your car is severely damaged and is not working, even then we accept it. You can call our customer representative and know more about this.

Auswide Car Removal Service is known for its reliable and trusted service. You can have a look at our client testimonials to learn how we treat our customers with utmost care and concern. We do not believe in fraud, cheating and treat our customers with great respect. We offer them the best rate in town, and also some good deals if they recommend our providers to their colleagues or friends.

We are easily available. You do not have to wait for days. You can easily connect us through phone, email, fax or an SMS. If you wish to get a FREE quote, you can call us directly, or even log in to our website and get it in simple steps. We are also available on the weekends and offer services on weekends too. This way, people who are working can take advantage of our services without taking a day off from work.

Auswide Car Removal Service constantly thrives to achieve the best and continuously work on its service and customer service to offer the best to its customers. Besides being among the top service providers, we are also one of them who is growing steadily every year by offering the best services to our customers. With our dedication and honesty, we earned our rank and image in the industry and hope to continue it in the future.

If you wish to remove your car or want to know the procedure in more details, call us today or leave an email, and we shall get back to you shortly. Your happiness is our utmost concern. You could also save our number for later use and share it with your friends and colleagues if they are in need of car removals Sydney.
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