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buying used car scratches

 buying used car scratches

A dent or scratch can immediately reduce the car value, and you probably want not to drive such a car. If you are looking to sell a vehicle with scratches, all you need to do is connect with Auswide Car Removals PVT LTD.

We are the best car removals Sydney service offering the best cash for cars that have scratched or even damaged. Besides, we are the best in Sydney for unwanted car removal, junk car towing, junk vehicle removal, cash for wrecked cars, and even if you are searching for "cash for old cars near me". 

With a dedicated team of experts, customer care representatives, and drivers, our company has set a record and offers the best service in Sydney and more locations in Australia. 

The steps to sell your car are simple and straight forward. 

Step 1: Get a quick quote online from our website or through Phone. Just dial our number and speak to our customer representative. They are knowledgeable and polite and will guide you well. You need to describe your vehicle and tell us its make and model. We give you an instant FREE quote. We assure you that it is the best cash for car you will receive in the market.

Step 2: We arrive with our experts' team to your given location and quickly tow your car for FREE by doing some minimal paperwork. All you need to do is, sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, while we tow your car carefully.

Step 3: Get cash instantly on the same day. You don't need to give us multiple days, unlike other firms in Sydney. Everything is quick and easy.

We accept all sorts of cars make and model. No matter how damaged it is, or what the condition is, we ensure you get the best cash for car. We accept American, Korean, Japanese, American and more brands. You need not worry if your car is not even in presentable form. We accept any kind of cars like but not limited to:

  • Accident and impounded cars

  • Overused and old vehicles

  • Scrap and junk automobiles

  • Broken commercial trucks

  • Flood, fire, hail, and water damaged vehicles

  • Engine and transmission problem cars

Besides the removal of unwanted cars, Auswide Car Removals Services are offering other services too like: 

· Scrap car removal –irrespective of how old or scratched your car is we offer scrap removal of your car with the best cash 4 car

· Accident car removal – If you have faced a tragedy and your car is no longer in a working condition, you can sell it to us. Our team clears up the wreck caused by accident and helps tow the car to the location you want us to. 

· Damaged car removal – A car can get damaged due to flood, or any natural calamities, we take care and help you remove your car. 

· Junk car removal – We even offer junk car removals and offer you the right price for the scrap. 

· Used car removal – you have an old car you no longer have use for, or you just want to get rid of your old car, so you can buy a brand new one.

For the above and many more services, contact us today!

Why select Auswide Car Removals?

  • Get the best cash for car with us

  • Easy and hassle-free services

  • Quick and reliable service

  • No hidden charges

  • Best car towing service with fully licensed drivers

At Auswide Car Removals Services, we only use quality safety equipment, top-notch tools, and eco-friendly procedures in scrapping your vehicles.

You may be concerned about the budget of removing your junk car. You may not be even thinking because of this issue. Let us tell you, by removing your junk car, you don't have to give us money, but instead, we give you money! At Auswide Car Removals Services provide our clients with an easy and efficient way to get rid of that junk car, free of charge. We give the quote for FREE, and we tow for FREE. Plus, we offer you the best price for your junk, no matter how badly damaged or wrecked your car. The cost of towing is on us, and we travel even to the most remote destinations in Australia because we are located conveniently in a lot of locations in Sydney. 

Get rid of your scratched car with Auswide Car Removals Services. 

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Why Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration Is Vital In New South Wales?

 Why Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration Is Vital In New South Wales?

Have you sold your car? Congratulations. But did you cancel your vehicle registration? If you reside in New South Wales, it is vital to cancel vehicle registration. Cancelling ensures that you are not fined or charged by the authorities if the new owner of your car ends up showing any reckless behavior. If you fail to cancel and end up being responsible for the new owner’s problems, it is very time-consuming to prove as per laws. The best advice is to cancel your vehicle registration as soon as possible. 

You can cancel your vehicle registration by visiting any nearest Service NSW Centre in your locality. 

Steps on how to cancel Vehicle Registration in NSW

The process of canceling your vehicle registration in NSW is straight forward. 

Step 1: Download and Fill up the Relevant forms

Step 2: Gather All the Relevant Documentation

The documentation and information required include:

  • Photo ID/Proof of Identity

  • Title of Ownership/Registration Certificate (if available)

  • The vehicle’s number plates (or a Police Event Number in case your vehicle has been stolen or lost)

  • Your payment

Step 3: Visit a Service Centre

Another way of canceling your vehicle registration is by couriering vehicle plates and your documents through the mail if you live away. 

If you want to keep your Vehicle License Plates, they’ll have to be apprehended on reserve at a local Service Centre after paying an additional cost.

What Happens If You Do Not Cancel Your Vehicle License?

If you haven’t canceled your Vehicle License after selling your car, you can be fined in the event:

  • When the new owner breaks traffic or road rules

  • When the new owner is involved in any unlawful activity using the car. 

  • When the new owner drives the car while it is written-off/banned from usage

  • When the new owner gets a parking fine for not abiding the rules. 

  • When the new owner is involved in an accident or accidentally runs over someone in the worst scenario. 

Trust Auswide Car Removals For All Your Car Removals

If you are looking to sell your unwanted car for cash, look no further. Auswide Car Removals is the best and leading provider in Sydney. We offer you the most competitive price and an instant quote. We offer FREE car towing. We care for our nature and dispose of your car in an environmentally friendly way. We provide cash as much as $35,000 for your old, wrecked car. Know more about us by calling us today! 

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If you are looking to sell your unwanted car, but do not have enough time to look for a buyer and schedule the pickup, we offer you an easier way to sell your car for cash. There is no need to search for cash for cars near me, as Auswide Car Removals is the best option for you. 

  • We save you valuable time and effort. No more looking for brokers, or agents to sell your car. 

  • There is no need to pay brokers any hidden or extra cost. 

  • There is no need to arrange your car towing for your buyer. 

  • You do not have to fill in long paperwork or keeping all documents ready. 

  • Save yourself from cheating, fraud or issues. 

Auswide Car Removals help you get rid of your wrecked car, old car, damaged car in a matter of hours. We also offer weekend services to make it easy for you as we understand your hectic schedule. 


There are a few advantages of owning an LPG converted car, including:

  • Fuel costs: LPG is cheaper than petrol, which means when you fuel your car, you save some money on fuel costs. In the longer run, you save a good amount of money. 

  • Greener option: LPG is a smarter choice if you care for mother nature. It emits lesser Co2 compared to petrol, which is nearly thirty-five per cent lesser: the healthier planet, the better for us. 

  • Increase the Life span of the engine: Using LPG, helps you lower the wear and tear of your car’s engine. Being a cleaner fuel compared to petrol, it increases the life span of the engine, thus the car. 


There are a few drawbacks of an LPG converted car as well. They include:

  • High Cost of Conversion: LPG conversion can be costly and can cost somewhere ranging from $3000 to $5000, owing to the scrapped rebate system for LPG conversions by the Federal Government in 2014.

  • Unavailability of LPG: The demand for LPG is inadequate, causing many fuel stations to shut down the LPG bowsers. Thus, finding a station which offers LPG may be a time-consuming process, and it may also not be available in your area. 

  • Space Constraints: Although the newer car tank models are compact, most of the LPG tanks are installed in the boot, taking up a lot of space. In four-wheel drives, the LPG tank is located under the floor, which can affect ground clearance. 


LPG converted cars have both – benefits as well as drawbacks, making old car removals tricky, and at times even time-consuming. At Auswide Car Removals, we are experts and have a vast network and experience, making it simple for us to buy your old car. Cash for Cars is our speciality, and we offer the right price for your old car, which can be up to $35,000. 

We buy cars for cash and have minimum paperwork. What more?

We buy all sorts of cars – burnt, damaged, wrecked, used, anything and also any make and model, even if it is not running any longer in the market. We accept cars, trucks, Ute, SUV, bikes and much more. To learn more about us, you could call our customer representative, and we would be happy to assist you. You could also log in to our website and get a FREE quote for your car. Selling cars for cash has never been so easy and hassle-free. We are located in various locations in Australia. 

To sell your LPG converted car for cash, call us at +61-402700111 +61402700111 +61402700111

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I Want To Quickly Sell My Car for Cash – What is the Process?

I Want To Quickly Sell My Car for Cash – What is the Process?

You realize the junk car lying in your garage is of no use to you. You want to get rid of it, but at the same time, you want a good price too. If you reside in Sydney, you can leave this worry on us. Auswide Car Removal is one of the leading car removal services in Sydney and is known for its popular car removal service. We accept all sorts of makes and models and offer you the right price based on the current market.

What makes Auswide Car Removals outshine other providers as the quickest and best paid Junk Car Removal Service?

Our service is offered on your given date and time.: At Auswide Car Removals, we value time and understand that everyone is busy. We ensure to be on time with our service, and also offer same day service to our customers. We also offer weekend services to meet growing car removal demands. We are known to be the quickest and the most hassle-free service provider in town. You got a junk car to remove? Just call us, and we shall guide you on how to do it. The entire process of car removal can be done in a short span like a lunch break from work.

We break the myth that Car Removals is a complex process: At Auswide Car Removals, we believe in teamwork. Our team comprises of the best car towers, who with their vast experience, can seamlessly tow your car without damaging it further. No matter what size is your vehicle, or how damaged it is, we carefully tow it and ensure the entire process is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Furthermore, our customer service is incredible.

Our goal is to make our customers happy: We offer incredible and quick services to our customer and give them the right price for their vehicle. A happy customer is what we aim for. Our car removal service is friendly, and we assure you would recommend us to your friends and colleagues because of the satisfaction you get. Besides, we do not believe in any hidden costs. To learn more, check out some of our client reviews.

We are a licensed and established service provider: We are not only fully licensed and insured, but also follow all the government rules. We follow environment rules as well and give our bit to the mother nature. Our workshops ensure no harm is done to the environment, and we believe in recycling. Due to our incredible services and our dedication, we rank as one of the top service providers in Sydney.

Contact Auswide Car Removals today at +61402700111

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Why Are We the Top Car Removal Service in Sydney?

Why Are We the Top Car Removal Service in Sydney?

Sydney is flooded with many car removal service providers due to the ever-increasing demand for car removals. The Government, however, has not given license to all of the car removal service providers. Auswide Car Removal Service provider is a well-established provider and one of the top service providers not only in Sydney but also in Australia. Before we dig into why we are one of the leading service providers, it is essential for you to know a little about our past.

Auswide car removal services were established in 2010. We started by offering car removals for junk cars, wrecked cars, burnt cars, damaged cars. We accept all sorts of makes and models of your car, SUV, jeep, truck or bike. Today, we have offices located in almost every town of Australia and have a huge workplace where we responsibly dispose of your cars and recycle it in an eco-friendly manner. Abiding by the government rules, we possess all the licenses and our drivers are well-trained and equipped to handle any sort of car towing.

So, let’s see why are we the top service provider in Australia, and what makes us stand out of the crowd. Here are the top ten reasons you need to cancel out other service providers and pick up Auswide Car Removal Service over the rest.

Auswide Car Removal Service offers instant cash up to $35,000, depending on the state of your car, the value of the spare parts and the metal. Even when the market is going down, we ensure our customers are not affected, and we pay full payment in cash instantly as we promised. Not all car removals in Sydney sticks to their promises like the way we do. Most often, providers or agents promise but then charges a hidden fee which overall becomes pricey for the customers. Auswide Car Removal Service does not believe in such hidden costs, and we are very transparent with our customers. Customers happiness is our prime goal.

Auswide Car Removal Service customer service is incredible. We believe the first step in car removals is to speak to our customer representative. If this step is taken place smoothly, then the customer kind of builds trust in us. We often come across a lot of non-Australian customers who aren’t very aware of the rules on car removal. Our customer team patiently handles each type of customers by first listening to them and then explaining our entire process. We speak bilingual and fluent English. The customer service agents are easily available and get back to you as soon as possible. Further, we give complete details and ensure the customer has no confusion left. Customers worries are our worries.

Our car towers, or drivers, are extremely talented. They are fully licensed and have a vast experience of towing all sorts of cars – damaged, burned, wrecked or even rusted. Without damaging the car further, they seamlessly tow the car from your given location like a breeze. Further, they are equipped with the latest GPS technology, so you are aware of what is happening with your car. The team is polite and understands English very well, making it easier for you to interact. In case of an accident, our team clears all the wreck and glass pieces and cleans up the entire place so that you don’t have to worry. We understand your state and care for you.

At Auswide Car Removal Service, we offer a FREE quote. This really helps a customer to understand what is the value of their car and at times also saves them from getting fooled by other agents. Remember the quote is FREE, so you can always make a comparison. We assure you won’t find our rates anywhere else because we use the latest market rates, and we have a vast network allowing us to offer such a competitive rate in Sydney. With a FREE quote, you would make more informed decisions.

Auswide Car Removal Service offers FREE car towing. This is very crucial as a lot of companies do not offer it for free, and takes a few hundred dollars for just towing your car. We do not charge even a single penny for towing your car.

At Auswide Car Removal Service, we believe the time is money, and we ensure we value your time. We are very particular and arrive before time to your given location. In a matter of one or two hours, the entire process is over, and you are given your cash instantly. Our team is very professional and does all the paperwork for you. You just have to sign up a few places to get things done quickly. We also tell you well in advance on the papers we would require from you. This way, you are aware and keep the papers ready beforehand, saving yours and our time. We believe in hassle-free and quick services. We also operate on weekends and offer emergency towing as we understand that tragedy can knock at our doors at any hour of the day. Where other car removals take weeks to get this process done, we do it in a matter of three days or less.

Auswide Car Removal Service disposes of all the car batteries and other components in nature and eco-friendly way. We give our bit to nature and ensure no one is harmed. We carry out the procedure as per the government rules. If you are a nature lover and wish to do it in the right way, connect with Auswide Car Removal Service for your car removals and leave your headache on us.

We accept a wide range of models and makes. We accept Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Audi, and many more brands and their models. If your car is very old and is discontinued, even then we would accept your car and pay you its right amount. Further, if your car is severely damaged and is not working, even then we accept it. You can call our customer representative and know more about this.

Auswide Car Removal Service is known for its reliable and trusted service. You can have a look at our client testimonials to learn how we treat our customers with utmost care and concern. We do not believe in fraud, cheating and treat our customers with great respect. We offer them the best rate in town, and also some good deals if they recommend our providers to their colleagues or friends.

We are easily available. You do not have to wait for days. You can easily connect us through phone, email, fax or an SMS. If you wish to get a FREE quote, you can call us directly, or even log in to our website and get it in simple steps. We are also available on the weekends and offer services on weekends too. This way, people who are working can take advantage of our services without taking a day off from work.

Auswide Car Removal Service constantly thrives to achieve the best and continuously work on its service and customer service to offer the best to its customers. Besides being among the top service providers, we are also one of them who is growing steadily every year by offering the best services to our customers. With our dedication and honesty, we earned our rank and image in the industry and hope to continue it in the future.

If you wish to remove your car or want to know the procedure in more details, call us today or leave an email, and we shall get back to you shortly. Your happiness is our utmost concern. You could also save our number for later use and share it with your friends and colleagues if they are in need of car removals Sydney.
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How Can Cash for Cars Make You Rich?

How Can Cash for Cars Make You Rich?

You may be in a state where you are in need of money, but do not know how to get some quick cash. Did you check your garage? Is there an old, dusty, antique, rusty car lying in there? Time to make use of the car!

Cash for Cars Sydney is a very lucrative way to get some serious cash as large as $35,000 in your pockets. You read it right!

Let’s break the myth here – old and non-functioning cars also fetch some decent cash if they got in good spare parts.

You can find a lot of dealers and agents offering you the best cash for cars Sydney. DO NOT believe them all! Yellow pages are flooded, but it highly recommended to check on if the provider is established and if it does pay you the right amount for your car.

Or you could simply skip the entire hunting process by calling Auswide Car Removal Services. We offer incredible “cash for cars Sydney”, for all sorts of cars. We also deal with recycling cars, dismantling cars, handling wrecked cars, and damaged car removals.

Let’s dig in how you can sell your vehicle for some quick cash in Sydney.

Step#1: You either scroll in the yellow pages and take hours of your day to find the right provider. When searching for a provider, ensure a few factors like – FREE car towing, easy communication, decent customer service, and most important – a safe and reliable service. You can list a minimum of three providers chalking out the rest and then start the investigation. Call these providers and get the best deal. Tip: You could entirely delete this step by calling Auswide Car Removal Services and getting the best price in Sydney. We are known for our incredible services, FREE towing, and most importantly, we have a vast experience in this area. See how easy life can get?

Step#2: We assume you picked the smarter way and picked our service. In any case, you would need to call up the provider and explain in detail about your car. How old is your car, how much mileage, why do you want to get rid of it, what is the make, what is the model and so on. It would also be handy if you keep the papers of your right in front of you when you make a call. At times providers ask some questions to ensure you aren’t selling something which is not yours. Once you finish explaining your vehicle, you get a FREE quote from us. However, there is no guarantee all service providers offer FREE quotes. If you want to be lucky, stick to us.

Step#3: Let us press on the fact, at Auswide Car Removals, we offer the best quote keeping in mind all the factors and after working on our complicated algorithms. So, trust us, you won’t get a better price elsewhere. If you agree on the price we quote – we are good to go. We finalize the deal and give you a list of papers we would need when we tow your vehicle. We note down your time and location and be right on time, fulfilling our promising of delivering the best service in town.

Step#4: Our car towing fleet comes into action. Our towers are latest, equipped with a GPS system, and our drivers are fully licensed and experienced in car towing on a daily basis. Your car is towed smoothly from your garage to our truck. The best part – we believe in lesser paperwork. Just a quick sign, and check of your documents and you get your cash in your hands.

With these simple ways, you can get pretty rich instantly. All you need to do is pick the right service provider.

We come across a lot of customers who are hesitant to sell their cars initially due to various reasons like emotional attachment, or not sure about the process. Some even think they would hardly get any “cash for car” and why to even undergo the entire process for a hundred dollars. People also have a mindset that no one buys a non-functional car. The old rusty car in your garage has a serious potential to damage your lungs. Do not forget these leaky cars emit fumes which are super hazardous for your health. You really don’t want your kids to play peek-a-boo hiding in these cars. Also, the car, although looks broke down, it has resources that are gold for others. For instance, the windows could be useful for those who have only their windows broken. We extract that portion and use it while scrapping the rest of the useless parts. The metal which is scrapped also comes with a price. An entire car is never useless; it is just that a part or parts are not functioning. Cash for Cars, Sydney are gaining tremendous popularity. It is the best way to get some quick cash for your next dream car, or your investment.

We understand this process might seem complicated for a few of them, so we recommend you to call our team and have a quick chat. Our team would be more than thrilled to explain to you the entire method, so you make informed decisions. We suggest you have a quick look at our client testimonials to help you understand how we earned the badge of the best car removal service provider in Sydney.

Oh, and did we tell you we abide by the Australian Government rules and are eco-friendly? We have huge workshops to dispose of the parts in the right way, giving our bit to the mother nature. Why don’t you give in yours by picking us up?

If you’re looking for cash for old cars, cash for junk cars, cash for wrecked cars, or cash for unwanted cars, you now know whom to contact. Call us on +61402700111 to know more! We are excited to serve you!

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Why Should One Hire Experts For Car Removal?

Why Should One Hire Experts For Car Removal?

car removal Sydney

We often hear the word Car Removals, but what does it actually mean? Car Removals is a process where a company removes your unwanted car and offer in return a price for it. The car could be unwanted for various reasons, including, burnt car, damaged car, wrecked car, old car, non-functional car, or simply because you want to move on and buy another car! The reason could be any, but the motto is one – to get the right price for your car.

People often misunderstand and think that in the car removals process, they would not get enough cash. However, that is a myth. Depending on the spare parts, the make, the model, and the state of the car, one can earn as much as $35,000 when they sell their car to a proper company. The spare parts are carefully taken out and then used in another car to make it functional and as good as new. This way, people get cheaper spare parts, and they work perfectly fine. It also sheds off the extra cost that goes in manufacturing a new part.

cash for car Sydney

There are many advantages to car removals. Some of them are:

You tend to make free space in your garage. An old car is an eyesore and takes up all the space in your garage. At times, people even pay for the parking, which makes the maintenance cost high. The best move is to sell your car for the right price to the right service provider.

When you sell your car, it helps reduce environmental degradation. Typically, car removal companies recycle the car by disassembling it into separate parts and then using only those parts which is usable, while recycling the rest. Moreover, old rusted cars emit liquids even in parking which can be hazardous to your health and pollutes the environment. It is especially more dangerous if you have old people and infants in your house. They can also damage your driveway, and add an extra cost in cleaning your garage.

Selling your car enables you to make extra money easily. When you sell your car, companies offer you instant cash, with which you can invest in another car. People often think they have to pay for removing their car, but this is not true. In fact, most operators offer free car removal services.

By using a car removal service, you save time, and it’s a very quick and hassle-free service. The paperwork is typically handled by the car removal service provider. All you need to do is, just connect with them and give in your car details. They offer a quote, which if works with you, is final. They then tow your car and offer you instant cash. You save ample time by not looking for a buyer yourself.

A well-known car removal service would be happy to attend your needs immediately. You do not have to wait for weeks or days for your car to be picked, or you do not have to take the hassle to drop off your car anywhere. Things are taken care of by the car removal company. Also, you can specify your preferred time and location, and things will happen accordingly. The company offers a free quote for your car, which also gives you an idea of how much you should be getting on your car. If you then decline, there is no problem. But this way you get to know the true value of your car.

By using a car removal company, you don’t involve any middle man. This also means there is no extra cost or commission you need to pay anyone else. The car removal directly deals with you, and you get the true value of your car in cash or the way you prefer. You don’t have to pay anyone hidden cost.

You do not involve with any broker, so there are fewer chances of fraud. You sell your car to a known company which is well established.

The last, but not the least benefit is that you can sell out any kind of car. You can even sell your car if it is of a very old model, which currently does not even run in the market. Further, no matter what the state of your car is, car removals accept them and pay you the right price for your car instantly.

The benefits of car removals are huge. Besides, one should not risk life by driving an old car. A lot of people think repairing is a good alternative to car removals. It may be true in some cases where the repair is minimal, and the damage is not big. However, if your car has major issues, it is wise to remove your car for good. The accumulated car repairing costs due to repeated maintenance is not a wise option. Further, it is risky to drive such an unfit car where there is no guarantee on how far it would work.

car removal

Before you start the process of car removal, here are some quick tips

It is wise to acquire the vehicle’s title if you’re currently not the owner of your car. Most of the leading car removals Sydney will ensure this step to avoid dealing on stolen cars. Thus, before you decide on the removal of your car, finish up the process of ownership.

Always check on with a minimum of two to three providers to get the best quote. Car Removal providers offer a free quote, so there is no harm in getting them.

Check with the provider if they offer free car towing. A lot of leading operators do offer free car towing; however, you would not want to have an unpleasant surprise. In the event they do not offer, you can drive your car for a lower price to the scrapyard.

It is crucial to understand the laws of your state before you initiate the process of car removal. Although most of the leading operators like Auswide Car Removals does abide strictly by laws, there is no harm in having some knowledge beforehand.

It is best, to be honest with the condition of your car to get a fair price. Always keep your documents handy, including your driving license. This will help you save time in the paperwork. Never try to roll back the mileage or lie about the real condition of the car because it seriously is not worth it. Whatever cash you get is an added bonus for the eyesore lying in your garage.

Damaged car removal

There are various car removals Sydney, which offers cash for cars, cash for dismantling, cash for wreck car, cash for scrap cars. One has to carefully select the one approved by the Government and which is reliable. Auswide Car Removals is one the leading car removals Sydney, which offers the best price for your car removals. It also offers a FREE quote and FREE car towing based on your requirements. The entire process is smooth and straightforward. The customer service speaks bilingual and fluent English. In simple and easy steps, you can get rid of your unwanted car in days. With minimal paperwork, you can now sell your care with ease in Sydney.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

You Think Car Wreckers in Sydney

car wreckers Sydney

Auto Wreckers in Sydney

A damaged car is a liability to anyone. One cannot use the car and also selling the damaged car is nearly impossible. Who would anyone buy a damaged car? Welcome to Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. , the best company that buys your damaged car without any hassle. We do not care how much your car is damaged. We just get the burden off your head in minutes.

Finding the best company to get rid of your damaged car usually means a car removal company that works around your timings. One that doesn’t require you to do a lot of paperwork for the vehicle. One that doesn’t charge you a fee for towing and one that leaves you with a cash payment for your damaged vehicle that is the right price for the car. At Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. car removal, we buy cars, vans, 4x4s, trucks, Utes, jeeps, commercial vehicles, SUVs, buses and bikes for cash and offer just that. We aren’t fussy or selective as to the make or on the condition of the vehicles as we are the most expert “Auto Wreckers in Sydney”.

Our car removal services at Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. are popular in the entire town. Scheduling a removal is also very simple, but first, a cash quote for the damaged car must be obtained and accepted. We make the cash for damaged cars offers over the telephone, email or by meeting us. Once a vehicle owner likes and accepts our quote, we then schedule an easy free car removal. Our team comes to your location anywhere in Sydney at a time convenient for you.

Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. car removal is a fully licensed used and scrap car buyer that is also the best Auto Wrecker in Sydney. Using the latest technology, we dispose of cars in an environment-friendly way. Our Auto Wreckers get the best value out of vehicles by using the principles of “Green Car Recycling”. Using this method, eighty to one hundred per cent of vehicles are recycled, creating the least threat of environmental hazards to the environment.

We get rid of your damaged cars, no matter what the model and brand. We are the most talented car removal specialists that pay vehicle owners the right cash. We give cash for your damaged vehicle, whether it has been involved in an auto accident or just needs a few repairs to be back on the road in running condition.

We buy cars that are severely damaged and get them recycled, keeping the environment green.

In simple steps, you can get rid of your damaged vehicle. Here are the steps:

Call us and describe your car to us.

Our team shall come and examine your car and give you the best quote.

On accepting the quote, we buy your damaged car and give you the best cash.

We also take into account a variety of factors when making you an offer for your damaged vehicle. For example, your location, the salvage value of your car pre-accident, the extent of damage or mechanical and electrical problems, the current market demand for your vehicle and its parts, its make, model, mileage and age all play a role of deciding the value.

Call us at +61402700111 today and get rid of your unnecessary and unwanted vehicle today!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Damaged Car Removals When you think of Car Removals, the first name that comes in everyone’s mind is Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. !

Damaged Car Removals

When you think of Car Removals, the first name that comes in everyone’s mind is Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. ! We are well-known all over Australia for our exceptional Car Removals service. No matter if it is for old car removals, accidental car removals or just a damaged car removal. We are number one in this service with our vast experience. Get cash for damaged cars; your damaged car could be worth up to a thousand dollars. So instead of keeping it in the garage, you may sell and get that cash which can be used in buying other valuables or even a new car. We add up all the valuable factors of your damaged car to make you their best or highest quote.
We will buy your damaged car in any condition, whether it’s running or non-running. Even if your vehicle failed your state’s smog emission test, we would buy it from you for cash. The best part is – we even offer free towing, and you do not need to come to us. We’ll come to you! 
Why should you choose Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD.?
  • Hassle-free service
  • Quick service
  • No fee for towing your vehicle
  • Our expert drivers are fully licensed
  • We finish the entire job in a few hours
  • Minimal paperwork
We are environmentally friendly!
We deal with a high volume of car towing orders for the unwanted, accident, junk, rusted and old card in Sydney. It is not necessary that what we remove has to be a junk piece. A lot of times, people remove a car because they never found a buyer or because they do not have time to go through all the process. Whatever the case, we responsibly dispose of all the cars to protect our environment. We have a dedicated team and possibly the best one in Australia who knows very well to dispose of the car in the right way. They begin by stripping the vehicle of all its scrap parts and components until it turns out to be a bare shell. Next, they crush and press the vehicle, making scrap metal from its mainframe. The scrap metal of the vehicle and the components are then recycled, reused, and resold, thus giving you the best value for your car! 
What types of makes and models do we accept?
The good news is we accept all sorts of makes and models, even the one which is no longer in the market. For us, what matters is you getting your right cash and quick, hassle-free service. No matter If your car is not running, ugly, unused, used, broken, damaged, we take it and give you the right price as per the markets. We also give a free towing service.  
How does the process work?
All you need to do is call our team, and we shall analyse your car and give you the right quote. You can sit, relax and sip your coffee while we do all the paperwork for you and you can then just sign and get free of your damaged car. No matter what location you want us to pick your car from, we will do it with utmost care and concern.
Our expert drivers are fully licensed. They know very well how to tow your car. We know even if it is a damaged car, there is a proper way to pick up the car. Additionally, we also share the GPS, so you can know where our drivers reached. Things are all easy as far as you book CompanyName for your car removals.
Sell A Broken Or Damaged Car
There are different reasons which can cause a car to be called as damaged or broken. The causes fall into one of the following three categories – engine or parts damage, bodywork damage, or interior damages. It is usually a part which is damaged, and not the whole of the car, it means that the car can often be sold as salvage and the car parts will be used to help repair other vehicles.
For instance, if you had two of the same cars in terms of year, make, and model but one of the car had a damaged engine or some part and was a non-starter, and one of the cars had a smash-damaged shell, a car specialist would be able to use parts of each car to create one proper working vehicle. But no one has one make or the capability of fixing damaged cars.
Also, it can be time-consuming and expensive. People don’t have the needed talent to be able to do so themselves, which is the reason why vehicles that require a certain level of work. To save one from all these complex things, people prefer selling their car. Also, sometimes even repairing does not help, and the car keeps getting the same issues. The end result – you tend to spend a lot more on the car, and you do not feel safe driving it because you will have a fear that it shall break down in the middle of the journey. 
Driving a damaged vehicle is also dangerous because if example the breaks are damaged, and you are on a high speed, you will meet up an accident which can cost you your life and life of your loved ones! Better than facing all the consequences is to go for car removal from a quick and professional operator. That is when Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. comes into action. 
Does it take a long time to finish the process?
Once you have made your mind, you can simply call us, and we shall give you the best quote, something you would not find in the entire Sydney or even Australia. Further, if you have any questions or are not ready but need guidance, you can still call our customer service and understand how the entire process works. On contentment, you can then decide if you want to remove your damaged car or not. We are sure you would, and you will never regret your decision because we are known internationally for our incredible services. 
What are you waiting for? Give us a call now! 

Accidental Car Removal

Accidents are the biggest tragedy, and it can happen with anyone of us. Many times, the cars get so much damaged due to the accident that you are left with no choice but to remove it. It is a headache to look out for a buyer of a damaged car because the true fact is that no one will buy a damaged piece of junk.
Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. is the biggest service provider in Sydney, that would help you remove your junk and damaged car which happened due to an accident. Worry no more, because we do not only take your wrecked car but also tow it for absolute free cost. All you need to do is save our number because you never know who needs such a service next. Besides, we also provide other services like car towing no matter what the reason is, or also buying your junk car at the right price.
Why select us?
  • We come to the point where the accident has occurred in a matter of minutes
  • We remove all the wreckage that has caused due to the accident
  • We tow your damaged car
  • We pay you the right price
  • We have minimal paperwork
  • We offer a quick and hassle-free service
How does the process work?
We have made the process of selling your accident vehicle fast and in just three simple and easy steps.
  1. You can get a quote easily over the phone. Simply dial up our number +61402700111.
  2. We come up with the right price for you in no time.
  3. Our removal team will pay the amount quoted during the pickup and relieve your stress in a matter of hours.
We give the instant cash quotation depending on your car make and model. Even if your car is totally smashed, you do not need to worry. We will still pay you the amount after seeing the make and model. Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. service is absolutely free, and you will not be charged a dime for the removal.

We Accept All Vehicles

We usually buy cars of all makes and model. Truck, SUV, Van, Ute, or anything under the sun, you name it, and we take it. At Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. , one of our best features is that with almost no paperwork, you receive the right price. We understand that during accidents, you are already stressed, and we do not wish to increase more stress by additional paperwork. For us, our customers comfort is the most important thing. Besides, you get the right money when you remove your car with us.
Do You Think Your Accident Damaged Car Is Useless?

There can be any type of accidents. In some, there is just a minor scratch, while some totally damage the car to an unusable condition. In some cases, the car looks okay but keeps giving a lot of maintenance issues. Accidents could also mean the car is damaged in floods, or due to fire or other foreseen conditions. It could be due to human or due to environmental disasters. 

Whatever the reason is, the car is pretty much useless to you if the damage is beyond repair. In such cases, we recommend you to sell your old, wrecked and damaged car to us and get a new one instead. It is not feasible to spend a lot of dollars on maintenance, especially if the accidental car is not new. This would lessen your regular headaches. Also, you get a good price for it with which you can use to buy a new car.

What factors should you be looking when you search for car removal?
If you or your loved one met with an unfortunate accident, and are looking for the best car removal service in Australia, here are the factors you would need to consider before zeroing into one service:
  1. Fast and quick service: Many operators promise but never come on time. The time goes in waiting, and your work is delayed, and it causes a lot of frustration. It is more painful if the accident happens in the late or early hours of the day.
  2. Operates in your area: The service should be working in your area, and it should even provide emergency service in the late and wee hours of the day. Such services are needed round the clock as tragedies can happen at any point in time.
  3. Hassle-free: The operator should not give you more headache by asking you to take many rounds to banks or insurance. It should have minimal paperwork and relieve you from the headache as soon as possible.
  4. Right cash: The operator, most importantly, should give you the right market price.
  5. Clear the wreck: The operator should clear the wreck caused by accident and also tow your damaged, accidental car at no additional cost. With a stressed state of mind, it is very difficult to focus on cleaning or other such issues.
All the above features are available at Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. removals.
All you need to do is call us on +61402700111 and speak to our customer agent. You can in no time see our team at the accident spot. If you want to do this later, perhaps a day after your accident and want us to pick the car from some other location, you can do so. All that matters to us is you having a peace of mind.
We boasted an excellent team of drivers and equipped fleet of towing trucks that carefully tows your car and handles it with care. Our drivers have a GPS system, so you can know their location and our team is immensely knowledgeable to guide to through the entire process seamlessly.
Call us today on +61402700111 or simply save our number for any such tragedies. You could also recommend to your friend or colleague and never get disappointed with our service. Besides Sydney, we also offer our services in almost every location in Australia.

Old Car Removal 

If you are thinking to sell your old car or remove it, only one place will give you the best cash for your vehicle – Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. We are known for providing not only the best price but also provide the quickest and hassle-free service. 
Why would you sell your old car?
There are several reasons one can sell their old car.
  • It is ancient, and you wish to buy a new one
  • It is not working properly and giving you a maintenance cost every month
  • The parts of the car are not easily available
  • You do not have space for your old car parking after getting a new one
Whatever the reason is, Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. will provide you with the best service in town. 
What is the procedure to sell the old car?
The procedure is straightforward, and anyone can do it. 
  • Call our number +61402700111, and our customer service representative shall guide you. 
  • We give you the quote which we assure you is the best in the market. 
  • We come and pick your car from the location you want us to and give you instant cash. 
Selling an old car was never easy. Thanks to Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. , this procedure hardly takes a matter of hours and gets rid of your headache. 
What kind of car do we buy?
We understand you may be hesitant to contact us, especially if your car is a very old model. But the good news is, we accept all cars, all makes, all models and all conditions. Even if your car is not working properly, or the model is discontinued, you do not have to worry. We still accept it and provide you with the best quote in Sydney, Australia. 
Are we reliable?
Yes! Absolutely. With a massive experience in this field, we are proudly one of the top leading service providers. Our drivers are experienced with a full license, and we have a fleet of equipped vehicle that can easily tow any sort of vehicle without damaging it. We also have GPS installed so you can know where our tow truck has reached. Further, our customer service is polite and knowledgeable and can answer your queries patiently. We know selling an old car has a lot of queries and you can find all the answers here. Additionally, we provide emergency services for car towing if your car breaks down in the middle of the night. All you need to do is save our number and call us when in need. In a matter of minutes, our team would be there at the spot to help you.
How do we contribute to nature?
We contribute our share to nature by disposing of the wrecked and damaged cars in an environmentally friendly way. We have a special team which handles this in such a way that it does not affect nature in a harmful way. We care for our country and the health of our people.
What sets us apart for other providers?
You can find plenty of services on the web or in the yellow pages. But we stand out of the crowd because:
  • Our services are super quick. If you call us, we would be there in a matter of minutes. We value time and understand your time is valuable.
  • Our services are transparent. Unlike other providers, we do not have any hidden cost. We give you a clear price which is also pocket-friendly, so in the end, there are no unpleasant surprises for you.
  • Our services are hassle-free. We do not expect you to fill forms or take multiple rounds to our office. All you need to do is give us a quick call, and things can happen in a day’s time without any hassle. 
  • Our services are round the clock and even on weekends. We understand our customers’ needs and are super flexible for them. 
  • We give the best price in the industry which no one can beat. 

Benefits of Old Car Removal

If you own a car that is no longer in use, you may want to consider the benefits of old car removal by a professional company like Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD.
  • Others Can Save on Used Parts: By old car removal, you are indirectly helping other people get scrap parts off your car so they can use in their cars. This helps them save money on parts when compared to buying new car parts. Parts like fenders, side panels, hoods, doors and engine parts are just some examples of the scrap parts that other drivers may need. And if your car is in a working condition, people may benefit by buying your car from us. 
  • Helps Prevent Environmental Pollution: You keep the old car from causing environmental pollution. The fumes these cars releases are harmful, especially when it is deteriorating and rusting in your garage. In addition, you prevent the car and its oil and fluids, tires and other elements from being in a landfill.
  • Removes Potential Hazards and Eyesores from Your Property: Hiring professionals like Auswide Car Removal PTY LTD. to tow off your old vehicle removes an eyesore and potential hazard from your property. Often children can get injured by playing near your old junk. The fluids leak from your car can be a potential threat to them as well as it would contaminate the soil and groundwater.
  • Increases the Value of Your Property: Cleaning up your property by removing an old car will maintain or even increase your property value. The entire view is better to look at.
  • Prevents Possible Parking Fines or Legal Issues: At times, a few local authorities or neighbourhoods you live in, may have certain regulations about parking an unusable car on your property, especially if it is very old and rusted. By having it towed away, you might avoid legal issues or fines. And in case you are paying a parking fee for that old junk, old car removal will help you relieve your burden.
  • Fetches You Extra Cash: Above all the other benefits, old car removal helps you gain some extra cash. It would easily fetch a few hundred dollars. You could always use this for some better investments or might as well buy a brand-new car.
Get your free quote today! Call us at +61402700111