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Why Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration Is Vital In New South Wales?

 Why Cancelling Your Vehicle Registration Is Vital In New South Wales?

Have you sold your car? Congratulations. But did you cancel your vehicle registration? If you reside in New South Wales, it is vital to cancel vehicle registration. Cancelling ensures that you are not fined or charged by the authorities if the new owner of your car ends up showing any reckless behavior. If you fail to cancel and end up being responsible for the new owner’s problems, it is very time-consuming to prove as per laws. The best advice is to cancel your vehicle registration as soon as possible. 

You can cancel your vehicle registration by visiting any nearest Service NSW Centre in your locality. 

Steps on how to cancel Vehicle Registration in NSW

The process of canceling your vehicle registration in NSW is straight forward. 

Step 1: Download and Fill up the Relevant forms

Step 2: Gather All the Relevant Documentation

The documentation and information required include:

  • Photo ID/Proof of Identity

  • Title of Ownership/Registration Certificate (if available)

  • The vehicle’s number plates (or a Police Event Number in case your vehicle has been stolen or lost)

  • Your payment

Step 3: Visit a Service Centre

Another way of canceling your vehicle registration is by couriering vehicle plates and your documents through the mail if you live away. 

If you want to keep your Vehicle License Plates, they’ll have to be apprehended on reserve at a local Service Centre after paying an additional cost.

What Happens If You Do Not Cancel Your Vehicle License?

If you haven’t canceled your Vehicle License after selling your car, you can be fined in the event:

  • When the new owner breaks traffic or road rules

  • When the new owner is involved in any unlawful activity using the car. 

  • When the new owner drives the car while it is written-off/banned from usage

  • When the new owner gets a parking fine for not abiding the rules. 

  • When the new owner is involved in an accident or accidentally runs over someone in the worst scenario. 

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